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Guido Salvini
Lives and works in Turin (Italy).

Since 1980, after his art studies, he devoted himself to photography . After he started a long-lasting engagement
with set photography, which led him to work on the set of different Italian and international films and rewarded
him with several awards. Starting from 2000, he has been working also with video and realised numerous
backstage for film and television, while broadening his personal artistic research and practice from video art to
installation. At the same time, he increasingly approached performance art, wherein he mainly investigates and
deep- ens issues related to its documentation. Since 2013, he is co-curator of tpa (torinoPERFORMANCEART).
His current artistic practice engages with video, installation, photography and performance and it investi- gates
the relationships between art, artists and society, as well as it focuses on the stereotypes of exist- ence and the
themes of personal freedom.

2020 Break the mold, curated by Tecla Azzarone, Fusion Art Gallery-Inaudita, Turin (IT)
2020 Maratona di visione, curated by Alberto Ceresoli
2019 Il tempo invecchia in fretta, curated by Zara Audello, Fusion Art Gallery-Inaudita, Turin (IT)
2019 Villa Nigra, Miasino NO (IT)
2019 THE PHEAR / FO.TO-Fotografi a Torino usion Art Gallery, Turin (IT)
2018 dis/organica, Carron Ceva, Masserano, Biella (IT)
2017 Here, Cavallerizza Irreale, Turin (IT)
2017 Reverse direction, between space and action, Xu space, Chongqing (CN)
2016 Keep the process warm, Galerie Résidence du Fort, Montauban (FR)
2016 Overlaps #2, Galleria Moitre, Turin (IT)
2016 Overlaps #1, tpa, Galleria Moitre, Turin (IT)
2016 Accatelier, Atelier Giorgi, Turin (IT)
2016 Fusion Art Gallery, Turin (IT)
2016 Here, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin (IT)
2015 Memorare, curated by Anna Clara di Biase, Antica Fornace, Ancona (IT)
2015 Hide and Seek, Fusion Art Gallery, Turin
2014 The hamster, bin 11, Turin (IT)
2013 FROM THE BODY Marble Weeks, Carrara (IT)
2012 tpa torino PERFORMANCEART, Turin,(IT)
2012 Studiaperti, Ameno (IT)
2012 [.BOX] Videoart Project Space, Milan (IT)
2011 wortwedding (Macco-Salvini), Berlin
2011 Studi aperti, Ameno (IT)
2011 Lavorare. A Torino, nel cinema – Turin (IT)
2010 Escrita na Paisagem - mostra de video performance, (Portugal)
2010 EJECT 2010 - festival internacional de video performance, Mexico City
2009 Contemporary Art Terminal, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, (Cina)
2009 V.I.P. Art Gallery of Students cultural center, Belgrad
2009 Italian restyle, Arthouse Tacheles new gallery, Berlin
2009 Videholica video art festival, Varna, (Bulgaria)
2009 Immagini dall'India, Palazzo Cavour, Turin (IT)
2008 Video Dia Loghi, a cura di Olga Gambari e Willy Darko, Turin (IT)
2008 More blind mice, Turin (IT)
2008 Galleria MAR e Partners, Turin (Macco-Salvini solo)
2007 Insoliti off, Caffè del Progresso, Turin (IT)
2006 Circuito 48, Caffè Procope, Turin (IT)
2006 Il gesto e l'anima, Teatro Nuovo, Turin (IT)
2006 Piattaforma teatro coreografico, Cavallerizza Reale, Turin (IT)
2006 Insoliti, Teatro Gobetti, Turin (IT)
2006 Festival di danza contemporanea, Ass.Valdapozzo, Alessandria (IT)
2005 Piattaforma, Teatro Caos, Turin (IT)
2004 La Parraca, Villanova d'Asti (IT)
2004 Quiet Bodies, Mestre (IT)
2003 Arte e ambiente, Palazzo Cisterna, Biella (IT)
2003 Piattaforma sezione video, Espace, Turin (IT)
2003 Film Festival, Mestre, Venice (IT)

2009 Cesare Pietroiusti (Galleria Soffiantino, Turin)
2007 Maria Papadimitriou (Via Farini, Milan)

From 2013 tpa torino PERFORMANCEART with M.Macco
2008 progetto AUT/AUT with M.Macco
2006 With Francisca Moenne: video promozionale Lambda project, Fondazione Merz, Turin (IT)
2003 With Giordano Vincenzo Amato: video installatin Sempre la belva si scatena per paura, Espace, Turin (IT)

2017 Xu space, Chongqing (CN)
2011 wortwedding project space (Berlin)
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